Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 10 - hungry

Today was one of those hungry days. I went to bed hungry, woke up hungry at 5am and was hungry all afternoon. Did I say it didn't bother me? Not true. I ate a fair amount for breakfast and lunch and dinner. I'm not so hungry now, finally. Actually I was picking while cooking dinner, just like my old habit, but with smaller portions. I had made a rule to not do that but I consciously broke it thinking that after being hungry for so long I really needed to eat something the second I walked in the door. It felt really bad to be scavenging for random things and not eat a meal. Fractions of point values were flying around in my head as I looked at my options in the cabinets. I really should have eaten an afternoon snack hours before, but I stayed longer at work than I had anticipated.

On the plus side, after getting to work late due to an early morning meeting with a plumber, my Nigerian stair-walking buddy pinned me down for a time to do our stairs the moment I walked in. I was so late and so busy I was going to skip it, but she is way too responsible to let us slack off after one day. Her excuse-less demeanor often makes me think Phil Gramm was right about the whole nation of whiners thing. For what it's worth, the plumbing meeting went surprisingly well. He fixed our upstairs toilet for free by shoving his key into the hole and scraping sediment. We talked for a while more in the bathroom after that and I kept hoping he would wash his hand but to no avail.

Dinner was a wholesome soup. My mom came up here the other day and brought her homemade chicken soup. This was fortuitous for two reasons 1. my daughter came home with a fever today (apparently she went to see the school nurse but no one called me) and 2. it's a good diet food. I replaced the small white noodles with organic whole wheat couscous in my portion. The problem with soup is that it's hard to gauge portions of the stuff floating around in the soup. After finishing I tried to retroactively measure. The whole bowl held 1.25 cups of water so I would wager that I had about a 1/2 cup couscous and a 1/2 cup chicken. Of course I also had carrot chips, soy chips and 2 off-brand Cheezits. The fake Cheezits were totally gross.

Food log

coffee with milk 1pt
1 scrambled egg (not even whole egg - shared 3 eggs with hungry 4yr old) 2pts
1/2 naan with 1tbs peanut butter 4pts

arugula salad with turkey, drop hummus, tomatoes - no dressing 3pts
whole wheat roll was too stale to eat 0pts
fat-free yogurt, some sugar 2pts

general foraging of soy chips, carrots, a couple bites of overly sweet terriaki salmon 2pts
1.25 cups chicken and couscous soup 4pts (3?)

blackberries and grapefruit - fresh from FL (surprisingly filling) 2pts

770 steps- 15 mintues intense,  -2pts

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