Monday, January 26, 2009

First milestone - people notice

Since I work at the National Cancer Institute, I have been pretty open about my colonoscopy. Everyone is so supportive and proud that I had my screening done. It's so nice! My Nigerian friend asked me if I had "lost a bit of myself" At first, I assume she is referring to a holistic, cleansing aspect of the colonoscopy (perhaps cleansing is party of Nigerian culture?) , but in fact she just means "did I lose weight?" She says she sees it in my face. A few other people notice as well. My clothes are much looser, but I still have so many that fit me after Natasha was born that still don't fit at all - not to mention the ones from BEFORE my pregnancies. Why they're even still in my closet I couldn't tell you. A few people have suggested getting a tape measure to keep track of certain widths - hips, thighs, stomach, upper arms. Supposedly this is more helpful than pure weight, especially if you start lifting weights. This seems like a logical idea. Put on list of errands! Turning down sweets is getting harder, especially when they're baked at home with the kids. Even No Pudge Fudge brownies add up. Last night I succumbed to eating a BLT with 2 strips of bacon and real mayonnaise. I can't stand the low-fat kind. Those points add up so quickly when bacon is involved! Sometimes that point system just makes me furious! How can my two little strips of bacon be so many points!!! Goddam it can't a woman have a little bacon once in a while??? It was nitrate-free and from some supposedly very happy pig!! As far as Weight Watchers is concerned that counts for nothing. Michal Pollan can bug off. I guess the answer is yes, I can have bacon, but it uses up lots of points. I will say, that after eating a dinner with some fat in it I was far less hungry or craving of dessert later in the evening.

Food Log
I can't remember! I think a banana was involved

arugula salad with 3oz salmon, 1 tbs pistachios, 1 tsp olive oil, 1/2 cup couscous, cherry tomatoes

90 cal cottage cheese with tomatoes - really staved off hunger for a while

BLT on wrap with 2 strops bacon and 1 tsp mayo

30 min aerobics in front of tv with Sunday morning shows.


  1. jenna its joanne are you???i love your blog and have been reading daily, my first post to you did not get up there....i am sure user are you? what do you do at the NCI? Please fill me in

  2. The positive feedback must feel good. Keep it up!