Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 9 - acceptance

Ok so Emily and I had a long talk at lunch about WW Points versus grams. I think I like grams better because they're easy to find on the food labels. I kind of feel like there is a conspiracy to confuse people on what is nutritious. Counting points as well as keeping track of water, fruit/veggie intake, milk/dairy intake and protein intake is too much work for one day. I'm not an accountant! I was actually walking around TJs today with my iphone plugging numbers into my Points finder app. What a dork - on so many levels!!! She said to calm down about getting to exactly a certain number of points - 24 - and just get a sense. That makes me kind of more relaxed and kind of more tense. My basic confusion comes from the fact that Points don't account for protein intake. I used to look at protein versus carb grams. I'd also sort of glance at the fat content and make sure it wasn't totally crazy. But Ww is more fat conscious and it does not really separate good fat from bad fat in the Points algorithm (it's patented!)

Here is what I'm taking away. Eat less fat. Eat lean proteins. Eat very little sugar and carbs with a low fiber count. Eat smaller portions. Where I get confused is with the "Mediterranean diet" ideas. Like you can be generous with olive oil, nuts, beans, etc. Not so much a worry about fat as a worry about bad fat. Returning to seriously reducing all fat seems to make me feel like I've decorated my house in that '80s peach/pink and I'm making my hair stand straight up with gel. It's so late eighties.

Exercise went much better today. I walked stairs in my office with my Nigerian office-mate. We climbed 770 steps in 15 minutes and I got to hear several Nigerian aphorisms. 

Several people have commented that I normally am funnier than this blog. Perhaps hunger wiped out my sense of humor. How sad. In fact, today I ate bigger portions, although not over the top, and am less hungry. I don't feel any funnier though. I'll work on it.

food log
coffee with milk 1pt
portable cottage cheese - 90 cal 1pt
1 packet TJs "Just a handful of cranberries, cashews and almonds" This was 5 points! I was furious. Why can't I eat some nuts without throwing off a whole meal?? I was mad at WW when I learned this.

frittata with onions, mushrooms and a bit of parmasean cheese on top, about 1 egg, 1 extra egg white  -3pts
medium-sized but dense whole wheat sourdough roll - 3pts
apple 1pt

1 bite turkey and 8 cherry tomatoes in car straight out of grocery bag - I was starving

Indian soup from Trader Joes. I know it's not homemade about 5 points.
4 large strawberries for dessert! 1 pt

770 steps
3 sets 10 reps each of 3 arm machines
40 crunches
5 min cool down - 30 min total

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