Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A better day

Monday was much better. I ate normal amounts of food and wasn't crazy starving or craving-insane. Today was fine too. I guess being at work helps. I just made dinner, with the help of my mother, who seasoned the pork loin for me. I asked her to start it so that it wouldn't take too long to cook once I got home. The side was super-delicious. Carmelized onions with sauteed Southern Greens. I threw in a bunch of couscous from last night and let it soak up the chicken broth I was cooking the greens in. I even added butter for the first time since I started this. I didn't use more that 1.5 tablespoons but I wasn't measuring. I kept putting in bits of oil and butter until it tasted rich to me. I really don't want to feel like a rabbit. It was such a treat. I'm not sure exactly how many points it was, but I would say I made 5 servings with 3 tablespoons of fat so that's not terrible.  I could have eaten 3 times the amount I did - sometimes my mother and I are such fantastic cooks I just can't stand it!

Other things I want to try are whole wheat pitas with soy flour, and some kind of low-fat oatmeal cookie. Perhaps the cookies can be a weekend experiment. I noticed that 1 tablespoon of Hershey's dark cocoa has a TON of flavor, 20 calories, no fat and 2 grams of fiber. I am already using it in my Oreo yogurt, but low-fat chocolate must be put to as many uses as possible! I guess the question is how can you make a cookie with the least amount of fat and sugar, and most amount of fiber and flavor. I'll let you know!

food log for Tuesday
2/3 cup fat-free, sugar-free Oreo yogurt
coffee and milk

salad with tiny bit dressing with 3oz salmon
1 piece whole wheat bread
1 small 2% cottage cheese

apple (was supposed to be cottage cheese and apple but I was hungry at lunch)

3 carefully measured ounces pork loin
sauteed greens with  couscous and carmelized onions (and butter)

770 stairs
100 push-ups on knees
50 sit-ups

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