Saturday, February 14, 2009

online resources

A sort of hum drum weekend day. Same old foods for breakfast and lunch. I made a wheatberry/lentil salad for dinner with broccoli, onions and a bit of feta...that's as much food log as I have patience for.

I've been messing around with my iphone a lot and here are my favorite online resources and iphone apps...

Livestrong's The Daily Plate (both a web site and iphone app)
This is a great site because the web site syncs with your iphone so you can enter things whenever and it syncs to both places. Also very great because it has a wiki-database of foods. So for example, if someone enters a certain kind of Trader Joe's bread, then it is in the database for everyone to see. Fantastic concept, but usually unverified. It tells you if it's verified. Nice that you can search by brand name, "Face, Greek yogurt." Another nice feature is that you can make meals of a few foods and then just add the meal. Very laborious at first, but if you are a creature of habit and eat similar foods over and over, it is easy.  Also - this tedium is much more appealing on the iphone when you are say, stuck at a red light. 

BAD - only counts calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, but NOT Weight Watchers points per se. You can also add exercise in the same way you add food. But put in a goal of 1200 calories, and that's pretty close to a typical Weight Watchers goal.

iwatchr (iphone app)
Go to Itunes and search for "points calculator" - I know there is a way to link to an iphone app, but I'm too lazy to figure it out.

This is a Weight Watchers points calculator, but not authorized by Weight Watchers. Good b/c you can just enter the calories, fat and fiber and get points, but bad because there is no database of food to choose from and no website to sync up with. So you have to manually go to the label of the food, if you have it, and enter the info. But good for checking out how many points something is.

fat secret (website)
Similar to the Daily Plate, but has the nice added benefit of listing Weight Watchers points for foods. Bad that it does not have an iphone app counterpart - yet.

Of course there are thousands more. I used to use one that tracked all the nutrients - every vitamin, etc. but I can't find it now.


  1. Thanks for posting these - I will try them for sure. IK