Monday, February 2, 2009

Non-diet woes

OK - not life threatening but old houses can really make a person nutty. 
Bathtub improperly installed by dummy former owner, leaked into living room ceiling, all the way to basement, repairman caulked, etc, still leaking right into the middle of my living room.

Plumber came to fix broken shower faucets but brought wrong parts. Moved on to replacing broken dishwasher with new gleaming over-priced model, but upon opening new model found that it was dented.

Living room ceiling still has a 2 ft wide gaping hole as leak is not resolved. Faucets still don't work. Old dishwasher AND new dishwasher both in garage so now I have no dishwasher, but instead a gaping hole filled with live wires and mouse poop and all my cleaning poisons sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Front  handle on storm door has been fixed or replaced 7 times and still is not working, so it is sometimes impossible to leave or enter the house.

Old bathroom (not the one mentioned above) is moldy, probably leaking, toilet barely works, and sink smells funny.

And these are just the emergencies we're trying to take car of - we also need a new furnace - the old one will die any day I'm told, and the outside of the house is totally peeling and desperately needs repainting - we've become the house with the haunted-looking falling apart shutters.

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