Friday, February 6, 2009

Why is estimating so hard??

Maybe I should go back to measuring - or at least some sense of consciousness while cooking. I was cooking while on the phone and chatting with Alex so I was very distracted. I reverted to my old habits and just kept throwing olive oil in the pan without much thought. Now this isn't SO bad, and I certainly didn't drown anything like a chef at a restaurant would, but I certainly could have reduced the amount of oil by half had I been paying more attention.

Dinner was YUMMY. My new favorite vegetable is oven-roasted green beans with a little olive oil and salt. A little oil really does go a long way. The kids even happily eat these and Dave LOVES them. So my one mistake was that when I realized how greasy the food was I cut out the carb side dish (I didn't like it anyway - pre-made ravioli) and ended up really hungry later. I actually wasn't so much hungry as I was having massive hot fudge sundae cravings. I did a lot of lying in bed feeling deprived, which is not a good way to feel for long-term success. I need an emergency craving food in the house, like No-Pudge Fudge brownies or something. So I thought I was just reaching some craving low-point, but then when I woke up starving I realized I just didn't eat enough. It's hard to estimate how much olive oil I've eaten, when it's spread across so many servings and I don't measure it before it goes in the pan in the first place. I also didn't exercise because work was so busy and I had to leave early - then I spent all afternoon letting Alex eat chocolate bagels and play with my iphone while I blabbered to my girlfriends in far-off places. I need my girls!

food log
coffee plus 1% milk
low-cal bread with 1tsp peanut butter

salad w/ 1tbs dressing
lean turkey sandwich on low cal bread

chicken with miropoix veggie saute
oven-roasted green beans with OO

dessert (immediately upon finishing dinner)
homemade Oreo-flavored yogurt - only 1pt


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