Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Oh good lord I was starving all day yesterday. Not a little hungry but 'can't concentrate' level hungry. I ate what seemed like a big breakfast of an egg and extra egg whites on toast but it wasn't enough. I tried to have a small snack of 1 point of oatmeal and an apple but that just made me hungrier. For lunch I treated myself to a 5 or 6 point sushi roll and that helped for a while. Abigail and I did our stairs and then the hunger started all over again. I ate the 3 point sandwich that was supposed to be lunch when I normally have a 2 point snack at that time. Still starving. Finally I ate dinner at 5:30, vegetarian chili, whole wheat pita chips and a yogurt with some orange slices. Not horrible, but I ate too many pita chips. I made them myself so they're not terrible. I had a hard time figuring out how many points the chili was. I guess now that I'm writing this I didn't eat as much as I thought, but I did eat more than normal. Maybe 23 instead of 21. But that is enough to make a difference if done repeatedly. Bummer. 

Seeking support I told my husband, "I was starving today. I couldn't stop eating." I suppose that made it sound like I ate a big piece of pie or something. Earlier in the evening while he was sitting at the kitchen table and I was preparing the next day's lunches in sweatpants and Uggs he had said in complete disbelief, "Half your ass is gone!" Why does he notice at the oddest times and the grossest outfits??  At any rate, later on when I confessed/complained that I "couldn't stop eating" he said, "Well you better stop or your ass will come right back." I can't quite convey how furious I was. 

So in a scene right out of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" he expressed complete confusion and exasperation at my angry reaction. He honestly thought his comment was supportive and had no idea what I would have preferred he said. I suggested, "I'm sorry you were hungry. Don't starve yourself." A few moments later he did give me a hug and dutifully/mockingly recite the script I prepared for him. My anger switched to amusement. At least my husband still looks at my behind!

I'm skipping the food log as it's mainly above.

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