Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old jeans tossed

I have a pair of jeans that are so worn and horrible looking, but for a long time they were the only jeans that fit, so I kept them. The jeans I bought to replace them have been too tight since August. The older jeans, which are BR and have some stretch in them, are just so soft and worn, and now that they're not tight they're really comfy. The new jeans are from Gap, no stretch and are just now comfortable enough to wear without getting a stomach ache (personally I think BR is cut bigger than Gap). Why not keep both? Well the BR pair has two holes along the inner thighs, where my thighs rub together. This is an embarrassing admission in and of itself, made slightly less embarrassing by the fact that in college I overheard two anorexic girls talking about how when their thighs rub together they stop eating. I was so horrified by how proud they were about this that I felt much more smug in the notion that my thighs would never in a million years NOT rub together.  

But I digress. My point is that in January my "comfy" BR jeans had become so tight and uncomfortable that they in fact were the main impetus for starting my diet. I had already bought one of those cheese 1970's denim patches to cover the holes, as they were my only weekend pants that even remotely fit. Then to be wearing patched jeans that DON'T fit was just unbearable. Of course I could have bought bigger jeans, but going up a size is just so terrible for so many reasons. Now I can throw them out. I have in fact put them next to the trash can in my bedroom. Tuesday when the garbage comes they will be in the can. One success! 

The jean toss is quite optimistic as if I gain even one ounce my Gap jeans will be tight. I think I may buy new BR jeans with some stretch, but in my traditional size - basically replace the ones I threw out. An extremely optimistic person would wait to see if I could get a size smaller, but I'm not that confident in my dieting abilities. I think, knowing my body, that unless I start working out an hour a day I will soon hit a plateau that I probably won't be willing to cross. I'm down at 21 points, and I can't see eating much less than that. So wherever this takes me is probably where I will stay. And when I get there, I will keep the goal of eating 20-23 points for eternity. If I go to 25-27 points I will just go back up, I'm sure. This is where I should probably consult a real WW guide...but I'll cross that bridge if and when I lose another 15 lbs.

food log - kind of strange today
coffee-milk 1.5 pts
1/2 whole wheat bagel
brown rice salmon avocado roll from Whole Foods (I was so happy to find it!)

salad with 3oz sliced turkey, dressing 4 points

chicken soup, carefully measured, 1/2 cup lima beans, 1/2 cup white chicken
small but i used my points at breakfast!
picked at various chip-type objects 1.5 points

1/4 cup Oreo yogurt (all that was left)

very pathetic aerobics in bedroom - really not into it today
This was optimistically posted at 7:43 - may have another 1pt snack

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  1. Congrats on the jeans, Jingo. We're off to Hawaii on Friday and I'm thinking I should have focused like you've been doing. Oh, well...