Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weight Watchers meetings my ass!

I tried to attend my first real WW meeting today. Of course at the last minute I forgot about it and walked in at the end, just to use their scale (details below) and introduce myself to the leader. The woman practically jumped me asking for $186 and telling me in a very cult-like way about all the great features of WW. Not for me. I think if I didn't have Emily, who has been doing WW for 8 years, advising me, and if there weren't so many Internet sources for estimating points, reducing fat and calories in recipes, etc, then I might find it more valuable. But as it stands I don't see what it adds to my life. I'm having success without officially joining - although I do feel slightly guilty, like if I had downloaded a song illegally from a really super-rich band, but oh well.

As for the scale - I went to Bed Bath and Beyond on Tuesday, to use my favorite scale there, I think about 2 weeks since I last weighed myself. My clothes are really fitting differently and people comment all the time (partly as I'm not dressing in such slobby/tented clothes any more) so I was really ready for some serious loss. Then disaster struck. According to that scale I lost only 1 pound! I was in disbelief and stepped on every single scale in the store - some 10 or so. I found a 6 lb variance! I picked the middle number and went home. Then yesterday at the WW meeting, the 1 lb loss was confirmed. I am about a pound or two away from being in the normal range for BMI. Still 11 lbs to go to get to my first goal and 14 lbs until I'm at my realy goal weight. That number is basically what I weighed when I felt in shape in my 20s - nothing truly svelte, but normal...

Nothink remarkable in the foodlog department for the past 2 days, except that I was faced with the challenge of a pot-luck party last night. I think I went a few points over, but nothing severe. I noticed that all the thin people there had small plates of food. Damn them!!
I did eat a few bites (3-4?) of Natasha's macaroni and cheese which probably blew the whole evening but I used the excuse that the person who made it could have been sitting next to me and I didn't want her insulted that Natasha didn't like it. Kind of lame. Plus after eating all the food on my plate I was still pretty hungry. Towards the end, I did a lot of hovering around the buffet feeling deprived and eating carrots. Then I had a couple bites of the home made chocolate cake which Natasha also inexplicably rejected - I guess it wasn't artificial-tasting enough. I shoved it over to my husband so he would eat it and I could stop being tortured by it sitting in front of me.

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