Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stress and guessing

I re-learned several lessons yesterday:
1. putting off grocery shopping leads to bad food choices
2. sometimes a lady needs some sushi
3. low-fat cheese is usually not worth the points (except feta)
4. regular cheese, nuts and dried fruit are points killers and still hard for me to give up
5. I am incapable of following recipes to a T and having an exact point count
6. I need to become a more aggressive exerciser
7. I don't eat/not eat due to stress (this is good!)
8. It is important for me to airm to enjoy my meals, and not only reach for highly-filling, low-points foods.
9. I can't concentrate at work when my kids are sick
10. I can't concentrate at work when my house is falling apart - this week I have both!

My morning started with my daughter complaining of blurry vision, and after telling her she'd be fine, and sending her to school, I was quickly called by the school because she threw up twice. I practically had a heart attack and took her to the doctor who was unfazed, until I told him my family history. At that point he suggested neuological screening. Oy.

After work, where I was barely focusing, completely behind, and almost yelled at the entire department about the smellyness of the fridge, I took N to the doctor (see above) then came home and realized I had to go grocery shopping RIGHT THAT SECOND. I also could not for the life of me figure out how to make my iphone ring (don't ask, it's too embarassing) and decided to hop over to the Apple store before TJs. While in lovely downtown Bethesda, I decided to ignore the 3 sick people home waiting for dinner, and to treat myself to sushi alone, in my sweat pants, at my favorite sushi place. I sat at the bar and thinking of points, ordered a Diet Coke instead of something more relaxing, and ordered a moderate amount of non-fried sushi. I was so happy. I think I reached 9 points or maybe 8. Whatever. Then I went to the store, and when Dave called at 6:45 before he said a word I said, "heat up some nuggets for the kids" (a habit I'm desperately trying to break). I came home with groceries, but at 7:30 there was no dinner for sick hubby who spent all day with the kids, washed dishes by hand and unpacked the groceries. When he inquired about dinner I practically bit his head off. I'm so mean. I just was all done. We have plenty of things in packages that just need microwaving so that's what he had. Tonight I'll be a better wife!

food log
WW bread with low-fat Swiss (feels like chewing rubber) and prosciutto 4-5 pts

oatmeal, yogurt, carrots, various other remnants from my fridge 6pts

fruit and fiber fruit snack - I know WW doesn't like dried fruit but ate small amount 1pt

miso soup 2 pieces salmon sushi small mixed fish maki 8-9 pts?

25 min aerobics while watching tv -2pts really my exercise is kind of half an effort, but better than nothing I suppose

I think I was at 23 points...which is ok with exercise


  1. Poor little N! I hope she's OK. I love reading your blog. xox What's up with sushi being so point-y?

  2. First of all I was guessing - I don't know how many points it was. Second, sushi isn't SO pointy. I just ate a medium amount. A 7 pt dinner is quite small, and that's what I usually aim for. Some people save points for the end of the day, but I like to spread them out evenly. Also, as I lose weight, I get fewer points. Kind of depressing. Anyway, the one thing that does add up the points for sushi is anything that is high in carbs and low in fiber - white rice (sushi rice has sugar too). The sushi places around here don't have brown rice as an option, unfortunately.